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In March 29, 2017 - a delegation of «TMM-Energobud Management Ltd» visited the Offshore Mediterranean Conference 2017, an industrial exhibition held in Raven, Italy. The main purpose of this business trip was to establish new business contacts with potential business partners, as well as to get acquainted with the European pipeline market



On 26.01.2017, «TMM-Energobud Management Ltd» completed the procedures for confirming the Permits and Certificates for the production of pipelines for nuclear and thermal power plants, the Certificate of Conformity of the Quality Management System with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, IDT


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Dear colleagues!


Let me represent you the Company "TMM-Energobud Management".


Our mill specializes in manufacturing of pipelines elements and our processes are designed to meet the world standards and let us become an integral part of modern and safe energy systems. The company history starts in 2007 when our specialists completed and approved design of a new plant and in the same year started construction and installation works. At the beginning of 2010 there appeared a new plant in Kharkiv Region, Ukraine.

Its manufacturing process meets modern requirements from detail planning and designing to manufacturing and delivery of high-, medium- and low-pressure pipelines, including stainless steel pipelines for nuclear and thermal power plants.


In its work "TMM-Energobud Management" takes into account individual features of each order and demands of each client, continually develops and improves the quality of its operation in order to offer its clients the best and to meet fully customer requirements.

We are open for you and your business!


Timur Salukha


The specialization of Company "TMM-Energobud Management" is manufacturing and delivery of pipelines elements for thermal and nuclear power plants and also for metallurgical and petrochemical works.


Manufacturing area of the first turn was put into operation in February 2010 and makes about 4000 m2. The size of the building, columns, interstring space and height of roof trusses made it possible to install required manufacturing and materials-handling equipment due to process design scheme and special machine layout, which permits translation of workpieces and finished products through shop bay without any oncoming traffic and making narrow places.

Choosing the equipment we preferred only the best one. Our suppliers are both domestic firms such as Fronius-Ukraine Ltd, CJSC «Kerammash», «Kharkov experimental factory of hoisting-and-transport machine-building Ltd» and foreign leading ones Weldotherm (Germany), ABC Schafer (Germany), Messer (Germany), Faccin (Italy), YXLON (Germany), ESAB (Sweden), GK EXEN (Russia).


All main working operations – tubes and metal-roll flame cutting, bending, thermal treatment, welding and control - are automated. They are carried out on the modern European equipment and guarantee high production and consistent high quality.


Only environmentally friendly technologies are used in production.

Technical Director,
Konstantin Yakimovich

Main products of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" pipeline production are I-IV category steam and hot-water pipelines according to Safety Rules (PB) 10-573-03 and Standards for thermal power plant steam and hot water pipelines (STO CKTI 10-003-2007) and nuclear power plant pipelines elements according to Codes and standards for nuclear-power engineering (PNAE) G-7-008-89, OST 108.030.123-85, OST 10.030.124-85


Pipelines are delivered as packaged details, assembly units and aggregative units (blocks) of pipelines. A block consists of two and more shaped elements or assembly units jointed with each other by means of welding according to design documentation (block draft).


Shaped elements and assemblies of pipelines are:


Straight pipes with for welding treated edges;

bent pipes with R/Do>3 where R means bending radius, mm, Do - outside pipe diameter, mm;

short radius bent pipes with 1,4

knee pipes without straight divisions with 1


T-joints and formed (turned), forged, welded equal and transition, long-neck etc. forks for operation with water steam medium with the pressure not more than 0,007 MPa and with the temperature more than 115°С;

formed, turned and welded transitions;

formed, turned, flange, flat, ellipsoidal and other caps;

flat and welding neck flanges;

welded constrictions – flow meters;

fittings, weldolets, plugs.


Year of delivery

Project/ Description

Total q-ty, kg































Complex deliveries of pipelines systems for power objects, which Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management", specializes in, include carrying out of exploration, design works and preparation of working documentation on manufacturing production. Individuality of each object, its piece production requires special attitude and professionalism of Design Service personnel. It makes the Service an important integral part of production process.


Design Service of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" is staffed with high skilled specialists with operational experience in pipeline building.


In 1980-90th with our specialists’ direct participation were developed the branch standards, which are used by the whole power engineering till now, and elaborated working documentation for production of pipelines for thermal and nuclear power units in the Soviet Union and in foreign countries.


Our people – our pride! Middle age of Design Service workers is 42 years old. The specialty work experience is 2 till 38 years. We pay much attention to education of young generation of designers taking care of inheritance and development of the best engineering traditions and sharing the stored practical knowledge and experience.


Thanks to presence of professional Design Division оf Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" provides independently the preparation of working design documentation for manufacturing and delivery of the elements of station and turbine pipelines for thermal and nuclear power plants and also developing of special promising pipeline areas, selection of constructive solutions for basic elements of steam lines of supercritical steam conditions (SKPP) in the temperature range of 580-620°С at pressure of direct steam 28-32 MPa.


Specialists of Design Service can always offer technically competent and economically optimal solution to constructions for realization in projects of nuclear and thermal power units both from traditional steels (20, 15GS, 16GS, 12H1MF, 15H1M1F, 08H18H10T and other) and from modern high-chrome steels as Russian 10H9MFB-SH steel or its European analog X10CrMoVNb9-1 (P91). Design Service of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" cooperates with majority of design and branch institutes of CIS, what provides our design products with high quality and scientific support.


Fitting out the production with the modern equipment opens additional possibilities in designing of pipelines systems and ensures high quality of their manufacturing.


Design Design working life of manufactured equipment makes 200 thousand hours, out-of-roundness of bends makes 4–6 % and maximal thinning of pipe walls in the tension region makes 10–12 %, by block delivery to 50% and more the number of welded joints falls, what cuts appreciably the operational costs. These characteristics of our production make it possible to use it for building of modern secure power facilities, which completely meet the world standards.


Pipelines Design Manager,
Yury Zavgorodny

Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" specializes to production of elements and assembly units of conduits for thermal and nuclear power plants. They are used for different purposes including steam and hot water transporting under high pressure. The safety by their usage causes especially high quality specifications of production.


We solve this important problem by means of systemic approach, controlling the quality at all stages of production - from the getting the materials and components till shipping finished products – analyzing and improving the production and technological processes to prevent the causes of mismatches and defects.


The Quality Management system of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" corresponds to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2009, what is confirmed with the ISO 9001:2009 Ukraine certificate of conformity. The QMS (SMK) is certificated also

in the Russian Federation with the GOST R ISO 9001-2001 certificate of conformity. At the present time the certification the standards GOST R ISO 14001-2007 and GOST R ISO 9001-2008 requirements is carrying out.


Such approach to the production management, which is aimed at the quality of manufacturing products and the satisfaction of customer demands, is always based on active participation of all labor collective’s members. And in our case, when the manufacturing process is based on the newest high technologies and using of modern equipment, the functioning of quality system would be not possible without worker’s high skills. Realizing this fact the company management of "TMM-Energobud Management" organizes and runs for their worker regular advanced training courses at appropriate educational institutions. And the whole incentive program is build to induce every worker to his professional growth and development and to his active participation in the production life of the Plant.


The Policy of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" is aimed at winning confidence and respect of customers.

The work of each plant worker is based on customer’s demands.

The Quality Policy is generally oriented to reaching following goals in:


consolidation of positions on the domestic and foreign markets and continuous expansion of the sales market in Europe and CIS countries;

increasing of suppliers number on the basis of mutually beneficial relations and co-operation;

increasing of exports share by 50%;

increasing of workers number to 450 men;

getting of stable profit for the further growth of financial end economical condition of the Enterprise;

improvement of the quality management system;

improving of professional skills and qualification of the personnel.


Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" will achieve the goals by means of:


regular analysis of customer’s demands;

continuous analysis of information about the sales market conditions;

using of high-quality modern equipment;

adoption of advanced technical and technological solutions;

training and qualification activities;

ensuring of favourable working conditions for the personnel;

adoption of rational and flexible pricing system;

Permit for Use of production on the territory of the Russian Federation (RF)

Permit for Use of production on the territory of RF. Appendix 1 of 3

Permit for Use of production on the territory of RF. Appendix 2 of 3


For effective long-term planning of plant work and efficient carrying out of our obligations to our consumers the Commercial Service of "TMM-Energobud Management" concluded a quite number of agreements on strategic co-operation with the biggest producers of boiler pipes in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and with integrated iron-and-steel works and machine building plants, whose production allows our Enterprise to perform the orders according to all world quality and safety standards.



The true pride, the gold fund of Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" is Its workers – their knowledge, professional skills, competence and experience. We believe that only they are the guarantee of success and competitive ability of our Enterprise.


Equipped with the modern high-performance equipment from domestic and leading European firms Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" needs highly skilled specialists of various professions, many of which are unique, because there is no such a production in Ukraine.


The lack and uniqueness of such professions, the necessity of ensuring of enterprise’s continuing development causes the active personnel policy, which aim is forming and developing of own specialists, raising the level of their skills for to create the solidary team of professionals.


That’s why the main tasks of Personnel Management are:


attracting the specialists fascinated with their job, aimed at developing and ready to work to achieve common goals;

adaptation of new workers in the team;

developing of the personnel through learning, raising of their skills forming of manpower reserves and its rating;

creating of motivation systems;

development of corporate culture, creating of favourable moral and psychological climate;

to maintain the succession of knowledge and skills by means of probation and tutorship systems.


Complying with the rights and securing social safeguards of the workers according to the demands of the Labour legislation of Ukraine we seek to ensure the continuity of knowledge improving, to create favourable conditions for self-development as a person and as a specialist for each worker!


The Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management" establishes the relations with its workers in whole accordance with the Labour legislation of Ukraine.


In the company is fixed 40 hours-workweek for all categories of personnel. Fringe benefits for every worker are guaranteed.


Workers, who deal with harmful working conditions, get additional benefits according to the Labour legislation of Ukraine and on the ground of working place evaluation.


A very important priority for the Plant is life and health of our workers that is why we attach a particular importance to creation of safety working conditions. Preventive measures against occupational traumatism are taken constantly. According to the Labour legislation of Ukraine the instructions about safety methods of working, about first aid by accidents at work and about labour protection are provided.

The Plant management is sure, that people working in comfortable conditions and feeling care for them are sure in tomorrow and ready to increase their professional skills and to achieve high results, ensuring development and competitiveness of the whole Enterprise.


This is the reason why "TMM-Energobud Management" besides the social safeguards set by the Labour legislation of Ukraine works out its own social program which includes the developing of housing program, issuing loans and offering material assistance the workers and the members of their families if unexpected and extraordinary circumstances appear.


The management of PC «PEW» realizes business’ social responsibilities and seeks with its production activity to favour the development of society and state. The main aim of social activity is consecutive rise in living standards of our workers!

Наши двери всегда открыты для инициативных, творческих людей, которые ставят перед собой цель сделать карьеру и внести вклад в развитие компании

The Сompany "TMM-Energobud Management"


63525, Kharkov Region, Chuguev District, p.g.t. Malinovka, Getman Ostryanin Str, 2



+380 577 28 07 30


+380 577 28 07 30







The Management


Timur Salukha


+380 577 28 07 30


Pipelines Manufacturing Director

Ivan Kotelevtsev

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 15 04)


Personnel Department Chief

Alexandr Stupko

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 12 01)




Chief Engineer

Konstantin Yakimovich

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 16 01)


Chief Welder

Vladimir Matveytsev

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 16 30)


Sales Department Chief

Vitaly Podymay

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 27 02)




Pipelines Design Manager

Yury Zavgorodny

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 60 01)


Quality Control Chief

Sergey Boboshko

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 16 40)


Procurement Department Chief

Aleksandr Trukhmaev

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 17 02)




Сommercial Director

Revaz Djanashya

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 17 01)


Сommercial Deputy Director


+380 577 28 07 30


Chief Accountant

Natalya Topchy

+380 577 28 07 30 (ext. 14 10)


The Requisites







Tax Identification Number\INN



EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations)



Legal address

Office 2, 34-A Pushkin Street, Chernihiv, 14000


Postal address

63525, Kharkov Region, Chuguev District, pgt. Malinovka, Getman Ostranin Str, 2


Bank details

Acc. No. 26007013052221, at the PJSC "SBERBANK", Kiev, Ukraine. Bank code 320627


Name and Surname of the director

Director Mr. Timur Saluha


Deputy Director Mr. Sergei Panchenko